If you have ever thought of learning mandarin and thought it was too late to learn this is the article for you. Later day trend setters like Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Prince William have astounded their audiences by speaking Mandarin publicly. Many people of different ages learn new languages for different reasons, some out of interest and some for career progression, whatever the reason the secret in learning a new language is practice.

That sounds very simple but the old adage practice makes perfect is truer when trying to speak a new language. Practicing with a native speaker of that language allows you to use the knowledge you have, correct grammar and increase your vocabulary. Another resource that can speed up learning is surrounding yourself with any material you can find on the language from books to audio files and movies the more you live the language the easier it is to learn. Learning Mandarin can be an exciting new experience no matter what age you are, it is an opportunity to experience a new culture and be more open and understanding of others.

Source: http://www.thechairmansbao.com/10-interesting-facts-figures-mandarin-chinese/