Argentina was the first to utilize fingerprinting #fingerprintfacts #argentina #interestingfacts

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Argentina was the first country to use fingerprinting in order to determine if a person was guilty of a crime. The first known example of fingerprinting occurred in June, 1892, when police used a bloody fingerprint left on a door to match Francisca Rojas to the killing of her two children.

Juan Vucetich [xwam buˈtʃetitʃ] (July 20, 1858 – January 25, 1925) was a Croatian-born Argentine anthropologist and police official who pioneered the use of fingerprinting. Argentine police adopted Vucetich’s method of fingerprinting classification and it spread to police forces all over the world. Vucetich improved his method with new material and in 1904 published Dactiloscopía Comparada (“Comparative Dactyloscopy”). He traveled to India and China and attended scientific conferences to gather more data.