The cute person behind the recent version of American flag design #americanflag #recentversion #bobheft

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Robert G. “Bob” Heft (January 19, 1941 – December 12, 2009) was the designer of the current American 50-star flag as well as a designer of a submitted 51-star flag proposal. He spent his childhood in Lancaster, Ohio, where he created the American flag as a school project.

Heft designed the 50-star American Flag in 1958 as a class project in his junior-year high-school history class, cutting up an old flag that belonged to his grandparents. His teacher, Stanley Pratt, gave him a B- for the project, but after discussion agreed that if the flag design was accepted by the United States Congress, he would reconsider the grade. Heft enlisted the aid of his congressman, Walter Moeller, who lived nearby, and the 50-star flag design that was the same as Heft’s was chosen and adopted by presidential proclamation in 1959 after the admission of Alaska into the union and before that of Hawaii.