The beautiful and meaningful stripes of #Mexican flag

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The Flag of Mexico, as it is today, was adopted in 1968. But Mexican flag history really goes back over 600 years earlier than that. Throughout Mexican flag history, the design has been changed several times. The current flag came into use on the 16th of September 1968. It was officially confirmed by law on the 24th of February 1984. Generally, throughout the years, there has always been an eagle and there have always been the three colours, green white and red. The ratios have changed, and the coat of arms have also changed numerous times.

The meaning of the colours has also changed. The new meanings of the colours are fairly recent: Green is hope, white is unity, and red is the blood of heroes. These meanings are not enforced by law, so they may continue to change. February 24 is Flag Day in Mexico and it is celebrated with civic ceremonies honoring the Mexican Flag.