#Greek..the richest and oldest existing written language in the world

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Greek is one of the oldest written languages on the earth, one of the first Indo-European languages ever written, and the language with the longest history of alphabetic graphology on the planet. In the still-today heavily oral culture, there has been, except for one gap early on, some literacy for at least three and a half millennia (more than twice as long as our language has existed), wide-spread for about two and a half.

So, the Greeks have always had great access to the minds of their ancestors, and always been aware of the special beauty and power of their own tongue. Indeed, the word barbarian means, basically, one who does not speak Greek, and Greek men and women still debate with one another, what it is that makes the Greeks such a great and peculiar people.

Source: http://linguistics.byu.edu/classes/Ling450ch/reports/greek.html