#Sargasso sea has no #coastline # atlanticocean

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Sargasso Sea is the only sea on the Earth without a coastline, a sea without shores. This strange and unique creation of nature is located in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean and is surrounded by ocean currents.

The Sargasso Sea is located in the midst of Gulf Stream on the west, North Atlantic Current in the north, Canary Current on the east and the North Atlantic Equatorial Current on the south. Bermuda Island is near the western fringes of the sea. Even though the Sargasso Sea is surrounded by such strong currents, its currents are largely immobile. Unlike the harsh cold climate of the North Atlantic, the Sargasso Sea is strangely warm. The temperature of the water inside the sea is much more than the water on the outside.

Source: http://mysteriousfacts.com/mystery-of-sargasso-sea-sea-without-shores-or-coastline/