#Luxembourg has the highest minimum wage in #european union😊

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The level of statutory minimum wages greatly varies between EU countries. The lowest minimum wages (less than 500 EUR per month) can be found in the new Member States. Bulgaria (420 BGN/around 214 EUR) and Romania (1,050 RON/around 276 EUR) apply the lowest minimum wages in the EU. Malta and Slovenia are the only new Member States which, together with Portugal, Greece and Spain, form a middle group with minimum wages between 500 and 1,000 EUR per month. Other countries in the western European countries have the highest minimum wages with rates exceeding 1,000 EUR per month. The highest monthly minimum wage is applicable in Luxembourg: 1,922.96 EUR per month – about nine times the Bulgarian rate.

Source: https://www.eurofound.europa.eu/observatories/eurwork/articles/working-conditions-industrial-relations/statutory-minimum-wages-in-the-eu-2016