It was called as the longest #cemetry during construction😮 #greatwall #china

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The Great Wall was built for defensive purposes, especially to stop attack from the north of China. Emperors feared that China would be conquered from the north. The Wall stretches across deserts and up and down mountain ranges.

The Great Wall was part of a Chinese strategy of preventing mass invasion. In the early years the walls were made of rammed earth but as hundreds of years past more sophisticated methods of building were developed with rocks, bricks and mortar being used. It is estimated that over one million people helped in the construction of the Great Wall. During its construction, the Great Wall was called “the longest cemetery on earth” because so many people died building it. Reportedly, it costs the lives of more than one million people. Due to his long history and construction, The Great Wall is divided in different sections. The most visited section of the Great Wall is in Badaling, close to Beijing. It was the first section of the wall to open to tourists in 1957.