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Holidays in Norway

Most Norwegians take a 4 week holiday during the summer. This means that the country slows down a lot and if you are a tourist and you aren´t aware of this, you wonder where everyone is and why nothing is open.

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Marriage and Family in Macau

The three subcommunities of Macau— the Portuguese, Macanese, and Chinese—have traditionally intermingled, but as the population grew and the Chinese population became more predominant, intermarriage declined.

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Customs in Vanuatu

In Vanuatu, life is strongly influenced by what they locally refer to as kastom. This amazing word refers to a set of traditional customs and taboos that regulates all aspects of life of the people.

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Bread is Sacred in Azerbaijan

When bread goes stale, Azerbaijani cooks don’t just chuck it in the bin: they hang it up in bags, separate from the rest of the rubbish, to signify their respect. If you drop bread on the floor, it’s custom to kiss it, as an apology.

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Arriving Late

In Chile, if the host says dinner will be served at 8:00, guests should arrive around 8:15 or later. Arriving earlier means “too eager” for a meal and catching the host unprepared.

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