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The Riddu Riddu Festival

The Riddu Riddu festival (the name means ‘little storm on the coast’) also offers a great opportunity to meet Sami people on their own turf as well as discover a threatened, but enduring culture.

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Ice Music Geilo in Norway

Ice Music Geilo is an alternative music festival where the instruments, the stage and the concert area are all carved out of local ice and snow. The Ice Music Festival is the oldest festival of its kind in the world.

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The Boun Khathin Festival

This festival begins immediately after the last day of Lent, and lasts until the next full moon. During the one month period, devotes of the Buddhist faith help the monks to carry out their religious practice.

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Easter Week Festivals in Haiti

Rara, which originated in Haiti, is celebrated during Easter week, where festival music is played during street processions; the vaksen (cylindrical bamboo trumpets), maracas and metal bells are often played during these processions.

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Afghan New Year

Afghans celebrate their new year, Nawroz, on March 21 which is the first day of spring. Thousands travel to the northern city of Mazar-e-Sharif to welcome in Nawroz, a pre-Islamic festival.

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