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Hotel with Robots in Japan

The Henn-na Hotel in Japan uses a robot staff to help guests with their every need. The robots check in guests, carry luggage to rooms, and make cups of coffee. The robots are known as “actroids,” a type of humanoid robot.

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Business Customs in Japan

Bushido, the warrior code of Japan, emphasizes strength, loyalty, and integrity. Conducting business inspired by bushido means working effectively and honestly, with the best interests of your superiors and the public in mind.

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Handsome Weeping Boys in Japan

A Tokyo-based company, “Ikemeso Danshi,” means “Handsome Weeping Boys,” provides handsome suitors for about $65 where a man of your choice will watch a saccharine film with you and brush away your tears.

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Japan Translation

The word “Japan” is foreign to the Japanese people, they call their country にほん (Nihon) or にっぽん (Nippon), which roughly translates to “Land of the Rising Sun”.

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