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Kenyan Music

In the cities, benga, a fusion of Western and Kenyan music, is popular. Benga was originated by the Luo in the 1950s, and incorporates two traditional instruments, the nyatiti and the orutu.

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Rainy Seasons in Kenya

The beginning of the rainy season is observed with a celebration which lasts for several days and includes singing, dancing, eating, and praying for the health of their animals.

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The Typical Kenyan Meal

Corn (or maize) is the staple food of Kenyans. It is ground into flour and prepared as a porridge called posho, which is sometimes mixed with mashed beans, potatoes, and vegetables, to make a dish called irio.

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Kenya’s Kikuyu Tribe

The Kikuyu tribe makes up Kenya’s largest by population. The tribe is said to have been started by two original ‘parents’ who were created by God, Gikikuyu and Mumbi whose nine daughters started the clans.

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The Maasai Mara

The Maasai tribe is the most well-known for being involved in the tourism industry and have remained unchanged for hundreds of years, with their daily lives still revolving around the grazing and watering of cattle.

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Kenyan Beliefs in Myths

Kenyan people communicate with the Gods through the medium of ancestors, deities, or local spirits. Kenyan beliefs and rituals are closely connected to the coming of the rains, upon which life depends.

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