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Holidays in Norway

Most Norwegians take a 4 week holiday during the summer. This means that the country slows down a lot and if you are a tourist and you aren´t aware of this, you wonder where everyone is and why nothing is open.

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Ice Music Geilo in Norway

Ice Music Geilo is an alternative music festival where the instruments, the stage and the concert area are all carved out of local ice and snow. The Ice Music Festival is the oldest festival of its kind in the world.

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Holmenkollen Ski Festival

Norwegians notoriously go bonkers for winter sports, and their craze is given free rein over a few days each winter during the Holmenkollen Ski Festival, proudly billed as ‘the world’s largest ski party.’

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Norway’s Allemannsrett

There is public rights law in Norway called allemannsrett or “all men’s rights” which gives residents the freedom to roam through all uncultivated land for outdoor sports opportunities and others.

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