Here is Eureka of #California☺ would you like to share your state's motto with us? #motto #eureka

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California’s state motto is “Eureka!” (made official in 1963).The motto appears on the California state seal and most likely refers to the discovery of gold in California (gold is also recognized as the official mineral symbol of California). “Eureka” is a Greek word meaning “I have found it” – the famed Greek mathematician Archimedes is said to have exclaimed “Eureka!” when he finally discovered a method for determining the purity of gold.

The great seal of California, first designed in 1849, included this Greek motto to signify either the admission of the state into the Union or a miner’s success. The words were probably intended to refer to the discovery of referring to the momentous discovery of gold near Sutter’s Mill in 1848. In 1957, attempts were made to establish “In God We Trust” as the state motto, but “Eureka” was made the official state motto in 1963.