I put my palms together..and I say #namaste🙏 😊#india #nepal #greeting

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Hello will be widely understood in every country, but ‘namaskar’ is a formal greeting in Nepal and India. ‘Namaste’ – literally means, ‘I see the God within you’ is a custom often expressed with the palms together like prayer. Namaste is the standard greeting in Nepal and India. It can mean Hello or Good Bye. Namaste word goes with a gesture of putting the palms together, then bow the forehead, and say “Namaste.”

‘Namaste’ is a word derived from the ancient Sanskrit script, according to which it means, ‘I bow to the divine in you’. In a country where the culture dictates that guests are to be regarded as gods, it is apt that our greeting should be in sync with that dictum.

Source: http://www.shankerhotel.com.np/blog/2014/10/14/namaste-a-most-gracious-greeting